About us

SG Energy is a Slovak company which specializes in solar panel installations. We have you covered from the initial contact through the installation and all the way to post completion service and maintenance. Our primary focus is on the commercial customers and residential objects like family homes, however we would be more than happy to help you electrify your cottage, a weekend house or any other object that might not have the connection to the grid.

We will worry about your photovoltaic system, so you don`t have to. Just sit back and enjoy the feeling from clean and environment friendly produced electricity.

SG Energy – Solar panels for everyone

Our highest priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Be it the design of your project, the actual installation, its subsequent service or to achieve the best possible return on your investment. We are here for you and that is the reason why we approach each project individually, to be able to tailor the project to your specific needs.

SG Energy uses only the best quality components from tested and verified suppliers. All the components carry the necessary quality certifications (TÜV and ISO quality certificates). We offer a warranty on all the components for a minimum of 10 years, and in certain instances up to 20 years of warranty.

Our partners

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